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Regularly in the media, Anouska is the resident Interior Design and Lifestyle presenter on QVC with Amanda Holden and Kelly Hoppen and can currently be seen alongside her husband on Channel 4’s new hit show – ‘Renovation Nation’. 

Anouska’s bubbly ‘girl next door’ charm, coupled with her skills at creating award winning interiors, has led to her being interviewed by virtually every British interior design magazine. She has also appeared on SKY, in several lifestyle magazines, national and regional newspapers, and digital media. 
She is most recognised for breaking down the barriers when it comes to the concept of interior design and says that interior design should be accessible to everyone and not - as it is often thought of - something just for the elite. She says there is nothing more rewarding than finding a bargain piece of furniture in a second-hand shop and transforming it into something beautiful on a shoestring budget.

Recently billed by VOGUE magazine as the UK’s most influential interiors expert, her designs are often motivated by her own life journey, where she empowers her clients with the confidence to step outside the box and reflect their passions, style and personalities within their own homes.

Anouska is about to expand her own digital media presence demonstrating to her many followers how it is possible to create stunning interiors on a budget and sharing the tricks of the trade so that virtually everyone can have a home that they love.

Billed by VOGUE as the UK’s most influential interior designer

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Channel 4 have been following our breathtaking renovation of the famous Penally House in Boscastle.

Renovation Nation is on Channel 4 weekdays at 4pm starting 3rd October 2022.



Influencer & Social Media Promotions

‘’I pride myself on giving so much more than simply a colour scheme or a mood board; I give my clients the confidence to create amazing bespoke interiors that enhance their lifestyles and make them smile and proud, every time they walk into their rooms.


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