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“I am trying to change the perception of interior design. It is not just for the elite, the rich, or the famous. Interior design should be accessible to everyone. Give me a second-hand furniture shop and some paint and I will show you how to create something amazing.”

My vision has always been to create stunning spaces that reflect the various passions, styles and personalities of my clients.  My designs are colourful, bold, and brave, and always tell a story. It is important to me that each and every interior is as different as the person that I am designing it for. Noushka Design is a celebration of individuality and personal style.

I pride myself on giving so much more than simply a colour scheme or a mood board; I give my clients the confidence to create a bespoke interior that enhances their lifestyle and brings them joy every time they walk into the rooms that I have created for them. My motivation for the long hours I work to source finite details for each space, is the happiness I see on their faces when I finally unveil the finished project.

I truly believe that a successful design can only be achieved by spending time getting to know an individual and understanding their story and how they live. Noushka Design is so much more than a business; it is part of me. When I work with my clients, I allow them to be part of my life and vice versa. It is an invite that requires trust and mutual respect. More often than not, my clients become important people in my life.

I believe that the key element to successful interior design is surrounding yourself with colours and items that make you happy. If you don’t, then your house is simply a house, not a home. A home should be a unique sanctuary, a place where you feel content and happy. This can only be achieved by creating a design scheme that reflects you and your style.




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