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I offer a flexible level of design assistance to meet with your requirements; from hourly consultations through to complete design and project management packages. Please find below details of the services offered.

The initial meeting is approx 30 minutes and is free of charge. I will discuss your design goals for the project. From here I can ascertain the scope of the works and provide you with initial ideas and options.


This is where you may have your own builder running a project, be project manager yourself or even want something as simple as some colour advice. I can meet with you and help you to plan your new interior with confidence. This service is charged per session and lasts approx 3-4 hours at a location of your choice, be it at home or at a showroom.


My aim is to provide a creative and distinctive design inspired by your brief. Using extensive product samples and images, I will provide a comprehensive overview of the design to illustrate the colour, proportion and finishes including samples of the materials. Following close consultation, we will agree on a scheme that fully meets your expectations and this will be illustrated on a mood board, along with a plan of works for you to follow.

I can recommend my team of trade’s people and specify the furniture suppliers. I will also advise on decorative fittings, detail the finishes, as well as the design and measurements required for the windows, floors, walls and ceilings.


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This service involves all the above but is more comprehensive; and includes the full management of your project. For example, you may want a large refurbishment, install a new bespoke kitchen, have a new bathroom fitted, or transform the use of an existing room in your house. I can combine a portfolio of expertise under one roof; from builders to electricians, plumbers, carpenters, decorators and manage their schedules so that time frames are kept to and managed.

I will source and order all the necessary fabrics, materials, wallpapers, as well as order the furniture and accessories.

From the initial brief through to completion, I work closely with AV specialists, plumbers and electricians to ensure that any new technologies are integrated into the design from an aesthetic and functional perspective. As a result of our initial consultations, I will develop the most innovative and discreet entertainment system and lighting to suit your environment.

The Full Project Management Service includes overseeing all builders and tradesmen from electricians to upholsterers – at all times in consultation with you. I will project manage the refurbishment or build from start to finish and ensure that your project is seamlessly and beautifully executed.

This complete package includes dressing the house with art, soft furnishings, and accessories, even down to fresh flowers for the ultimate ‘showroom experience’.




Anouska Lancaster is one of the UK’s leading interior designers.

She is most recognised for breaking down the barriers when it comes to the concept of interior design.


Inspired by her own life journey, Anouska is known for empowering her clients with the confidence to step outside the box and reflect their passions, style and personalities within their homes. Her work is colourful, brave and bold, as she manages to successfully change ‘dull and lifeless’ into ‘unique and stunning’, ‘masterpieces’ that celebrate individuality.



‘’I am trying to change the perception of interior design. It is not just for the elite, the rich, or the famous. Interior design should be accessible to everyone. Give me a second-hand furniture shop and some paint and I will show you how to create something amazing.”

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