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Bespoke Wall Wraps, Textiles & Art

Working in unison with her creative production partners The Logical Choice Group, gives Anouska full access to the Group’s state-of-the art image reproduction services. This enables her the opportunity to repurpose art from a portfolio of artists, to create giant wall ‘wraps’ that transform rooms and spaces into unique stunning masterpieces. 

Using the same technology and methodology to create wall art, Anouska is able to produce bespoke fabrics for use in upholstery and soft furnishings, as well as on several substrates, including slate, aluminium, acrylic, and boardings. 

Her latest offering includes printing on 100% recycled plastic made from cups and bottles discarded on beaches. This flexibility to reproduce art for various product manufacturing opens endless design opportunities for both her own projects, as well as those in the interiors and architectural trade who wish to create their own unique designs for their clients.

These are available to the trade and to private buyers.

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